As a full safety solutions provider, AIS will design, build and install to your application. It is not complete until it is the way you want it, turnkey. The team at Arrow will meet with you to review your production process, goals, and we will create a design for your approval. We will remain flexible in the installation of our designs to meet production considerations. The project will be designed for you, and we will provide you with drawings, bill of materials, kit (cut to size) or raw materials. We design in 3-D to ensure a proper, efficient installation. We will offer:

Hazard / Safety Assessments

Arrow Industrial Solutions has Hazard Assessment, Safety Compliance Auditing and Consulting Services on staff to assist with evaluating safety hazard along with remedial and corrective actions. We are compliant with OSHA and ANSI standards.

  • 3rd party Risk / Hazard Assessments
  • Equipment Guarding review, design and verification
  • Facility Safety Compliance Audits

Guarding Design

Arrow Industrial Solutions has CAD design capabilities on staff to precisely design your unique machine guarding requirements accurately and efficiently for both compliance and safe access for machine/process controls. Accurate designing allows for pre-assembly, thereby minimizing field installation time and equipment downtime. With many years of experience, our unique/custom designs provide the most process flexibility and typically lower overall installation costs.

  • Pre-approved designs ensure accurate fit
  • Overall lower installation costs
  • Custom design capabilities
  • Ensured compliance
  • Many designs within the database allow consistency across multiple plants
  • Safety Audits and Hazard Assessment capabilities

Guarding Installation

With multiple crews available for field installation, a turnkey solution can be provided.

  • Prompt response, restoring equipment to compliance
  • No project too big or too small
  • Fully outfitted for swift accurate field installation
  • Experience across many industries/ application
  • Quick, accurate and clean installation

Guarding Manufacturing

With a large product facility in North East Ohio, machine guards can be efficiently pre-assembled, minimizing field installation time, cost and downtime.

  • Efficient Assembly
  • Complete machine, welding, and assembly capabilities for custom guarding
  • Large Inventory of Raw Materials for reduced response time

Monitoring Systems

AIS offers complete turnkey monitoring system capabilities to ensure employee safety and compliance.

  • Modular pre-engineered systems for low cost solutions
  • Engineering /programming capabilities on staff
  • Custom systems with guard locking systems and touch screen monitoring systems available to ensure worker safety and efficiency
  • Turnkey design, assembly and installation
  • Customizable for a unique machine and process

Machine Controls/Panels

AIS offers design and engineered capabilities to upgrade, replace OEM machine control systems and panels.

  • Complete panel design, assembly and installation capabilities
  • Custom design and build – Complete Integrators
  • PLC/ safety controller program capabilities
  • Equipment and/or Process Control Systems
  • No project too big or too small
  • Schematic design and programming capabilities

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